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    Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
President –Bruce Knotts 541-670-3864
Past President- Doris Koozer
Vice President- Ray Blessing 1-661-331-3469
Secretary – Lynn Miller
Treasurer – Robert Reynolds 541-673-3022
Bulletin – Carmen Dowsett
Clothes Closet & Sunshine- Rosie Dean 541-817-9475 or 541-672-9595
Custodian- Annette Reynolds 541-670-0035
Lessons & Membership- Laura Knotts 541-670-3864
Historian -Misha Case 541-863-1465
Hospitality- Staci Hohstadt
Membership -Laura Knotts 541-670-3864
Publicity - Misha Case 541-863-1465
Purchasing – Hal Dean 541-672-9595 or 541-817-9571
Roundup- Mary Upthagrove & Laura Knotts
Special Dances- Mary Upthagrove 541-530-1601
Webmaster - Misha Case 541-863-1465
Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance- Laurie Sitz-Hallen & Annette Reynolds
UAC Representative #1- David Harman 541-733-5261
UAC Representative #2- Misha Case 541-863-1465

Square Dance Attire

You can get your dance attire from several places, but here is a list of places local/online.
  • Second Hand Squares- Robert and Annette Reynolds
  • The Clothes Closet at the Barn
  • The Clothes Corner at the Emeral Square Dance Center
  • Second hand stores during Halloween
  • Discount Dance- Shoes and Petti Pants; www.discountdance.com
  • ​Zappos- Shoes; www.zappos.com
You can also get your square dance attire at the different festivals, like Midwinter and Summer Fest, at the vendors present.

Craigslist and Ebay might have square dance attire as well, but it is far and few between
Bucky's extra credit!
Link to Taminations
If you’re looking to brush up on a call, or look ahead in lessons, head on over to Taminations! Available on computer, as well as a mobile app on android and IOS systems.

The button below will take you to the Taminations webpage.