Bucky's Tips
Bucky's tips and tricks for the New and Returning dancers!

Bucky's FAQs

Where do you get square dance clothes?

Is there a place where I can get the list for the moves we are learning?

Where do I get shoes?

Bucky suggests that you get your clothing from the Dance Closet at the Buckeroo Barn, Second Hand Squares which is run by Annette Reynolds, the clothes closet at the Emerald Square Dance Center, the clothes closet at the Josephine County Fair Grounds (when available), Petticoat Junction, at the Thrift Shops during Halloween, or look on Ebay and Craigslist.
You can look for shoes where you would buy square dance clothes, you can also look at
Zappos.com,Discountdance.com, Payless.com, Amazon.com or any dance shoe store for character shoes.
Yes! You can download the entire list PDF from Callerlab here:
You can also download the Taminations app on your smart phone or tablet from your App store (Google Play Store for Android users) and you can also utilize their website here:

I have a cold, can I still come to the dance/lessons?

What does "Square dance attire admired, but not required" entail?

Do I have to wear character shoes?

You can still come, but we would prefer that you stay home. If you come to lessons while sick, please let us know that you are observing that week.
That entails that you don't have to wear the square dance costumes. We do ask that you keep in mind that traditionally men wear long sleeves in the winter months and women usually have their shoulders covered.
Not at all! You can wear any shoe that is comfiest for you, we just ask that you do not dance barefoot for safety reasons.

When can I start coming to the regular Saturday dances?  

If there is a school closure due to weather, will lessons be canceled?  

You can start coming to the regular Saturday dances as soon as you have your first student dance! You can even come up to the Mid Winter Festival in January and dance in the Mainstream hall!
If there is no power, snow, or any type of severe weather that will be detrimental to drive in we will NOT hold lessons. We do try to let you know 2 hours before lessons that they are canceled, but if you don't feel safe driving in the weather please let us know that you are not coming.