Our upcoming Events and Dances

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Buckeroo Events will be updated once a month. Click on the images below for the corresponding flyers for each event!
All dances start at 7 PM with Pre-Rounds and 7:30 PM with Mainstream.
Every 3rd Tip is a Plus Tip!
Dances that are different will state it in the description.

44th Annual Buckeroo Round-Up

Ribbons are on sale NOW! Get yours early to avoid Door prices!
**RV Packages: $100 includes 2 Adult ribbons, 2 night stay, all meals, funshops and dances**

9th Annual Wildlife Safari Benefit Dance!

Come out and dance at the Wildlife Safari with the Buckeroos after the Round-Up! All proceeds go to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR. Can't make it to the dance but want to donate? Go ahead and send in your tax deductable donation to either the Wildlife Safari or to the Buckeroos at the address listed on our flyer. 
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  1. Mainstream Lessons
    Learn how to square dance with our caller Chuck Simpkins! Lessons start at 6:30 PM and the first two lessons are FREE!
  2. Raise the Roof Dance
    Come out and have fun while helping out with the roof fund! We'll have Line Dancing and Mainstream/Plus alternating tips. Caller: Chuck Simpkins & DC Line Dancers. PRE-LINES 7 PM & Squares 7:30, Admission $5, Youth $2.50
  3. Mardi Gras Dance
    Come out and help us celebrate Fat Tuesday with our Mardi Gras Dance! Caller: Phil Ramey & Cuer: Neil Koozer. 7 PM Pre-Rounds, 7:30 PM Squares, $5 per person, $2.50 youth
  4. St. Paddy's Day Dance w/ Potato Bar
    It’ll be a fun party that you don’t want to miss! Bring a baked potato topping and enjoy a potato with friends! Caller: Chuck Simpkins & Cuer: Cathy Houston, Pre-Rounds 7 PM & Squares 7:30 PM, Admission: $5 per person, Youth $2.50
  5. 66th Gypsy Circus Birthday Dance
    Come out and help us celebrate our 66th Birthday with Mike Sikorsky! Caller: Mike Sikorsky & Cuer: Neil Koozer, Pre-Rounds 7 PM & Squares 7:30 PM, Admission: $8 per person, Youth $4
  6. Poor Man Dance
    Come out and dance with us after Taxes with our Poor Man Dance! Caller: Chuck Simpkins & Cuer: Neil Koozer, uston, Pre-Rounds 7 PM & Squares 7:30 PM, Admission: $5 per person, Youth $2.50